Since our foundation in 2008, we have been delivering expeditious, efficient and pragmatic services for clients. We represent clients in dealings with Civil authorities and before the courts. In conducting our advisory and forensic legal work, we operate in Swiss and European jurisdictions and beyond. Our four core areas of expertise are:

  1. the provision of external corporate legal services for clients in manufacturing and service industries;
  2. legal services in the areas of tort law, state social insurance and private insurance law;
  3. legal services in the area of real estate law;
  4. legal advice and representation for non-business clients.

Our customized, solution-oriented services for clients in Switzerland, Europe and beyond have firmly established our firm in the market today. We closely monitor changes and developments in the Swiss and EU legal systems and can assure clients of cogent, up to date advice. Maintaining the high quality of our services, such as close collaboration with clients and constant availability in the event of queries and clarifications is a top priority. We provide services in German, English, French or Italian.