We provide non-business clients with expert, prudent and dependable advice in respect of their national and international transactions. After diligent scrutiny and evaluation of each case, we deliver individually tailored solutions.

We advise and represent clients in the following fields:

  1. Real Estate
    • legal assistance and advice on conversion and refurbishment projects;
    • tenancy law;
    • purchase agreements, works and services contracts, and labour contracts.
  2. Rights and obligations for employees and the self-employed with regard to
    • labour law;
    • questions pertaining to health and accident (both within the work place and private);
    • state social insurance law and private insurance law;
    • contract law (purchase, tenancy, works and services, mandate contracts, etc.)
  3. Succession and inheritance law
    • drawing up and execution of wills;
    • partition of estate.
  4. Civil law
    • matrimonial and divorce law;
    • custody, maintenance and protection of children;
    • debt resolution.